What is Impacted 20 Year Tooth Extraction?

Being younger than 18 years old, small and large teeth in most of the lower and upper jaw are called 20-year-old teeth. It is also known as the mind among the people. There are four in total, one in each half jaw. At the age of 20, which grows annually, due to its fullness, the existing jaw in the mouth and tooth structure will mature. At the age of 20, their teeth will remain impacted because they cannot be found in the future. Impacted tooth plan.


Impacted wisdom tooth nerves and tissues are locally numbed.

Necessary etching processes are performed in the chin section.

It will remain in the position of the impacted wisdom tooth and if the structure of the model prevents the tooth as a single piece, it will remain in a suitable condition.

The tooth is extracted as a single or multiple pieces.

Those with abscesses, if any.

to place the blood plasma obtained from his own blood to place the implant.

It is finished by suturing.

It is properly applied within 5 days for internet access.

20 Years Old Impacted Tooth Extracted?

No way. On the contrary, impacted wisdom teeth that can cause problems should be extracted. Impacted from the other side of the jaw, 20-year-old teeth should be examined in practice, and if they are squeezed into the teeth and mouth, the appearance of these teeth should not be entered. Otherwise, the dentist will be treated by a dentist, no matter how much he does not want it. There is a rule that every buried 20-year-old is cast.

Problems in which Impacted Wisdom Teeth are produced

The most basic problem is that it compresses the existing teeth and causes these teeth to become crooked orthodontic.

An inflammatory area called resin eruption abscess occurs in the wisdom teeth that cannot come out. This can cause pain and swelling.

There may be gum pockets that cannot be cleaned from the mouth.

In front of the horizontal wisdom teeth, the coat of the healthy tooth can damage and even dissolve the root of this tooth.

Wisdom teeth can be grown in a particularly preferable way.

The progress of the wisdom teeth that have not been intervened in time is from the chin to the canal by melting. This growth can block the nerve canal and cause numbness in the lower lip.

Designing wisdom teeth creates a commonly underpaid lower chewing on the gums. This causes pain.

20-year-old teeth o Prolapsed muscles may cause a problem such as not being able to enter the spa center, or even locking it into some camps.

Factors Affecting Success in wisdom Tooth Extraction

Experience, space, knowledge and skills of the physician are very important.

Upper 20 years old teeth are very happy with the gap, 20 years old are very happy with the nerve canal. In fact, 30% of the cases are in the cavity or nerve canals. If one of the people who is playing with a person is taught the way of the person, the ways of helping are applied. (Serious discussions such as Sinus Inflammation, Sinus Perforation, Nerve Canal Injury, Persistent Drowsiness Due to Nerve Injury)

The most minimal surgery should be preferred for impacted 20-year-old tooth extraction. Otherwise, a very painful process may occur after the extraction. It should not revive a lot like violent.

Virtual money can be accepted in the face of a 20-year-old female that cannot be applied without control. Root canal treatment can be purchased for the damaged tooth.

If a new 20-year-old tooth is preferred, the result will be more successful if it will be performed on the tooth that will be extracted from the surgical abrasion procedures.

The water to be used in the operation should be sterile serum life or distilled water so that it can remain sterile in the arena and prevent a team.

After the patient, it is made suitable for cold compresses for 6-8 hours.

He is one of those who prefer to gain their success and follow the doctor’s advice.


Extremely serious trauma is avoided by working with a piezzo engine.

Thanks to the PRF production device, plasma is obtained from its own blood. To fit it in this plasma enclosure, it’s going to be hard to fill.

The operation time is very short and it is prevented before it is completed in a short time.

Bone thanks to modern accent root removal elevators The roots of the tooth can be easily removed without damaging the tooth.