The aim of orthodontic treatment is not only to make an aesthetic contribution to the person by correcting the crowding in the teeth and the incompatibility in the jaw. In addition, preventing possible dental caries, tooth and gum diseases and joint problems is one of the duties of this specialty.

When should the first examination be done in orthodontics?

Every conscious parent; Even if there is no visible problem, he should take his child to an orthodontist for a check-up when he is 6-7 years old.

Except that;

  • Mouth breathing or adenoid problem
  • Long-term pacifier use
  • thumb sucking habit
  • with cleft lip and palate
  • those who have a missing tooth or have received a hard blow to their jaw
  • On the maternal or paternal side, the lower or upper jaw is too far forward/forward
  • If a condition known as toothiness is observed among the people (when children whose upper front teeth are too far ahead, the probability of breaking their front teeth is very high)
  • Early milk tooth extraction for any reason
  • Every child who is thought to have crowding in the teeth should definitely be examined by an orthodontist.

Is Age Important in Orthodontic Treatment?

Today, parents are very interested in the oral health of their children. If the first orthodontist visit is made around the age of 6-7, when the primary teeth begin to fall out and permanent teeth begin to erupt, some orthodontic problems can be resolved with very simple interventions from the end of the primary dentition period, without delaying it to adulthood.

The orthodontist will guide like a traffic policeman in the direction of the eruption and positioning of these teeth in their own way, without colliding with each other, during the eruption of the deciduous teeth and the eruption of the permanent teeth. Different ages will be appropriate for the treatment of different orthodontic anomalies. At the first orthodontist visit, the orthodontist will share with the family whether orthodontic anomaly will occur with his clinical experience and foresight, and when the most appropriate treatment time will be. Some bad habits such as thumb sucking can be abandoned at an early age with the help of an orthodontist.