Endodontics (Canal Treatment)

Root canal treatment is the cleaning, disinfection and filling of infected nerves in the canals of the tooth as a result of the loss of vitality of the nerves and veins in the teeth as a result of cracks and fractures in the teeth, caries in the tooth, wrong treatment processes, incorrect restorations.

In Which Situations Can Root Canal Treatment Be Applied?

  • In caries that have progressed to the nerve of the tooth
  • In cases where fractures involving the nerve of the tooth occur as a result of trauma
  • In cases where the tooth loses its vitality as a result of excessive force on the tooth as a result of orthodontic treatment
  • In advanced gum disease
  • In the elimination of sensitivity caused by advanced wear on the teeth
  • Highly made fillings or dentures are also required.
  • How to Understand that a Tooth Needs Root Canal Treatment?
  • Cold-hot sensitivity in your teeth
  • Pain during the day without any stimuli
  • If you have pain while eating and after
  • Color change in your teeth as a result of nerve death
  • Swelling on your face as a result of abscess formation

In some cases, it is understood that treatment is required in the dental and radiological examinations performed without any symptoms.

Pain during and after root canal treatment

The patient does not feel any pain as anesthesia will be performed during root canal treatment. After the treatment, there may be a slight pain and sensitivity in the tooth, especially during chewing. It is okay to use a mild anti-inflammatory drug for a few days after treatment.